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There’s nothing like being able to hug and squeeze one of your oldest and best friends on the planet ☺️🌸 Texting just isn’t enough!!!! 🙈 Thanks for the great day @mommy0f2sweet6irls!! 💜😘

🙆🐴 Yesterday was the BEST day! I got to hang with my brother and his family at the Del Mar Racetracks! My first time there - SUCH a blast! 😜👍

✨Happy Friday Everyone!!✨ (at Del Mar Race Track)

Reviewed: Kona Tanning’s Gradual Tanner

Reviewed: Kona Tanning’s Gradual Tanner

We just received this lovely review on the Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner from sorority beauty blogger The Beauty Chapter by Ali (“the beauty blog of a sorority girl, who loves everything and anything to do with makeup”).  Thanks for the feedback, Ali!  Read below to see what she has to say:


Current Favorite Brand: Kona Tanning Company

My Thoughts: I absolutely love this product, I used it in…

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💛💋 We’re loving sorority beauty blogger The Beauty Chapter by Ali’s new review of our Mineral Bronzing Powder! ✨


✨ Get the full scoop and step by step instructions in our newest post at | #konatans 🌸

I absolutely, positively love and respect this girl!! Such an inspiration to girls everywhere! Just read below…..Repost from @amberdodzweit with @repostapp —- So many people want to know how to get into fitness modeling. How to become endorsed by a major brand and noticed. Here’s what I didn’t do…I never took my clothes off. Paying commercial fitness jobs with companies like nike, athleta, kohls and target won’t even consider hiring you if you are a “glamour” bikini model. If you’ve gone too far in exposing yourself in a sexual way most magazines won’t book you either. Once you go too far, there’s no taking it back. #oxygenmag #fitspo #fitness #inspiration #motivation #abs #athlete #fitnessmodel #clutchbodyshop

👟I was a runner in high school (right, running buddy @mommy0f2sweet6irls?😜👍) so I love including segments of backward running in my workouts: about 100 feet forward running, and then 100 feet backwards, and I do this for as long as me and Lou can stand it! 🐾🐾


According to, running 100 steps backward is the same as running 1,000 steps forward, and that going backward burns a fifth more calories than running forward! 🙆

Other benefits to running backward:

- You can still run while you are injured

- Your posture will improve

-You will improve your muscular balance

FULL BENEFITS listed on my new blog post 👉 or click the link in my bio: @konakatie.


Happy Running!!

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